Recording The Hidden Treasure Album

Over a period of 9 months, from January to September 2017, I worked in Einstein Studios, Antrim, to record my debut album "Hidden Treasure". 

Its a collection of songs co-written with Jim Anderson and reflects much of the best and worst in human nature. 

When I started this adventure, I was determined to get the finest studio, engineer, producer and players available. 

The players on the album are: 

John McCullough - keyboard 

Luke Harrison - drums 

Colm McClean - electric and steel guitar 

Phil Smyth - fretless bass 

Dave Stewart - bass

The whole project was engineered & produced by the wonderful Frankie McClay. Much time was spent putting the world to rights, sorting out poverty and world peace, as well as trying to discover the meaning of life. Oh, and we also produced this album. 

I would have to say that everyone put so much of themselves into the album. It just wouldn’t sound the same without them. I have been in plenty of sessions where the musicians just go through the motions, and the result is less than ordinary. 

Not so Hidden Treasures. It will pull at your heartstrings, and hopefully, leave you wanting more. That’s a good thing because there are 2 more albums just waiting to be recorded!

The album will be available to buy on this website on 11th December.        Click here to listen to /music

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