1. Little Asher

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Little Asher
She pushed a little too far, yeh
The boat strung to the harbour
She might share her tiny world
Like a different girl
If only she had got a world to share

She makes me feel defenceless
Though In weakness i am strong
She’s vicious and she’s senseless
And I can guess
Every little thought that happens to hitch along

She knows all the right moves
She breaks it down
As if everybody knows
She gets all the action, dreams of fame, multicultural condos

Did anybody think of love
Is that something to be ashamed of
I don’t think so
And I just want you to know
That I wanted to go
When I saw the burns
Little Asher

Self-infatuated, well congratulations
If you need me I’ll wait in the wings
No Wait, I’ve got another place to go
It’s on to the show
With a ship in a glass bottle of fooling things

She knows all the right moves

I can read so much faster than she turns the pages
Mixing up an antidote to all misinformation she gauges
to put it in a bottle haven’t had one of those for ages what a concept what a matter of pride and im fine cos its mine and im flying -