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California Sunshine
Don’t call the fire brigade
Cant stop these fires from burning
And the last thing I want to hear today is that old story again
And if the Everglades, ever let a scream for mercy
Gonna stop my ears for years and years, let my motor run
Do they know what they’re doing?
That the road to heaven is the road to ruin
California sunshine I breathe the air in, Yeaaa it feels fine

You see some visions, you talk about direction
Will the future blame the present flame when there's no money left to burn
So goodbye to the tv news, and all that mother nature blues
So much better blind if it freezes the mind of what dangerous to learn
And do they know what they’re doing
That the road to heaven is the road to ruin
California sunshine, I breathe the air in, yeaaa it feels fine

And do you love the night? The rain comes in but nevermind
All is black and white when visions down your colourblind
And excuse me if I don’t hear what your saying
I almost thought by now you'd be on your knees and praying
California Sunshine, I breathe the air in yea feels fine