1. Looking Above

From the recording Hidden Treasure Download


Looking Above
On an autumn night in this town, we watched the stars dance
In a heavenly playground
We dream of perfect peace as we make out commitments
Remember who is looking down

I never meant to make you sad
I only wanted to offer you love
And If you want me you can always find me
In my room, looking above

The world displays some fine illusions
One mans truth
Is another delusion
Far beyond this strange mirage, please don’t hate me
For a moment of confusion
I Gave my all in strange human ways
You are the glass I pour the wine of love
Far across the great divide
Im in this town, still looking above

On an autumn night in this town, we count the moonbeams
And right it all down
We dream of oh so sweet forgiveness, a running stream
From a faithful vow

Tell me how to leave you behind
My broken spirit, my sole testimony
When your memory fills my heart and mind
While I look for you are you looking too