1. Nightingales

From the recording Hidden Treasure Download


Dreams they say are like nightingales, they can fly away
I don’t believe in tomorrow, I believe in today
You sit with one hand clapping, I watch the wheels
You gotta walk for miles in these shoes to know how it feels

Well I can always extend my reach, but im not saying you must
You can learn what I gotta teach but you just
Might as well let those nightingales fly
I build my castles in the air, from the sweet by and by

You gotta listen to what dreams say now, cause miracles happen everyday
And I believe there’s one coming my way, oh wow

Dreams they say are like setting suns, they don’t say so long
They believe that there right, I know they’re wrong
Cause I believe in the things I believe and
And I know there’s a fire burning somewhere though you can’t perceive it