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Used to be so fine
When I first met you child, you were alright
Seems like you couldn’t do enough for me
Everywhere I turned you were there like a searchlight
Trying to take care of my every need
But you know lately, you’ve been so distant
And when I try to find what’s been so wrong
You would just tell me that I’m too persistent
And you focused your attention on a singer with another song

Lately, you’ve been acting like a fool
Well you know that ain't cool

Cause it used to be so fine when you where mine

Now all my friends said I was crazy to fall in love
Said there where times I must have lost my mine
They said all I really needed to do was take a good look around
And a better love, a better lover, I would surely find
But baby I forgot how to take good advice
You see I was hypnotised

Cause it used to be so fine when you where mine

Well now you’ve got your own life
Now you can ramble on
Even though I almost forget your face
So dig us now baby, I learned how to get along
Without you, Without you in this place

And if you’re wondering about the kind of life I live
Its pretty rad
But it don’t stop me thinking of
All the good times that we had
When you were mine
Cause it used to be so fine